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Superbowl Sunday

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February 5, 2014

Well it's now 3 days post Superbowl Sunday and 2 snowstorms later.

Everything about the Superbowl is fascinating to me. From the pre-game hype, to the actual game, to the ads, to the post-game analysis. It's really a seminar in how to create an amazing brand through an event, and then give a lot of other companies the chance to ride the coattails of the massive reach (for a big price of course). Making a statement in those 30-60 seconds is a big task for any agency and I'm sure the pressure is on to stand out from the crowd and get everyone talking Monday morning. 

My favorite was the Stephen Colbert Pistachio 2 part spot. Strongly branded, funny, short and sweet. It's message was clear and memorable.

Some of the commercials this year were mini-commercial-features that were just plain boring ,as I struggled to understand "what is the point here"? I laughed out loud a few times when the closing logo came after a full minute of long drawn out, dramatic imagery and music, because I literally had no idea what the commercial was advertising.

Audi used the weird crossbreed dog—laugh out loud funny, but so bizarre. I can't imagine what the brand strategy was for that concept, have no idea what it has to do with buying a car, and i'm not sure what it says about Audi and the Agency's opinion of their target audience. I think it's kind of insulting when a brand makes such a transparent attention grab and therefore has the reverse result, which deters me from buying an Audi.

There were many more standouts, but the big winner for me is Stephen Colbert's spot, because I didn't have to take notes or rack my brain trying to remember who did what or delve into deep analysis. Without even trying that spot is forever stuck in my brain and I'm going to buy pistachio nuts next time I'm at the store!