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Tell the world
where you stand.

Shout it. Whisper it.
Just don't mumble it.
Every ounce of what your product or service can be, that's what your advertising must be.

We dig deep

Since opening our doors in 1992, we’ve been driven to avoid the comfortable in an effort to find an advantage for our clients in the new and unexpected. Our culture is a natural outgrowth of that philosophy. It is rooted in an entrepreneurial environment where creative adventure, risk taking, and freedom of thought can flourish. Harquin clients are challenged, not pacified which is something they not only appreciate, but welcome.

We, like some of our clients, are manufacturers. We do not manufacture products, we make ideas. In other words, we specialize in developing ideas that propel business. Which is why we are not a good fit for organizations looking to maintain the status quo or marginally improve their business. But if a brand isn't realizing its full potential, we'’ll dig deep and figure out how their product or service fits into people’s lives. That’s what makes communication effective.

That's it. That’s our thing. Increasing a brand’s relevance to its target audience, ensuring that entire organizations rally around that brand message and delivering that message in unexpected ways.