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The iPad—The Perfect Vacation Tool

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February 28, 2013

Many people tend to get intimidated by technology and change. They think they need to take special classes or have certain skills. What most don't realize though, is that using technology is as easy as getting cable tv. Simply think about making the things you're already doing faster and more convenient. Like planning and taking a vacation! Fred and I visited Asheville, NC this past summer and we laughed about how we were an interactive ad campaign for how to use an ipad or iphone on vacation. Here's what we did:

Usage of mobile media for travel has increased significantly. In 2010 only 1 in 10 surveyed used tablets in making travel plans, in 2012, 27% used tablets to compare prices, make airline and lodging reservations and to reserve or buy tickets to attractions. Source: MMGY Global/Harrison Group 2012 – national sample of 2,527 US HH
  1. Researched our trip. Visited exploreasheville.com for ideas on what to do. I found secret swimming holes!
  2. We used the directions/map function to navigate to scenic parkways (Blue Ridge Parkway) and points of interest on our drive through Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.
  3. We used Priceline.com to book a hotel while on the road.
  4. We played Pandora through the stereo of our car. The same ads we heard in NY played all the way down to NC.
  5. We used Foursquare to check in, check reviews, post photos of our dishes, and then posted our review. One restaurant owner caught us posting and gave us a free dessert!
  6. We checked in on Facebook to see what our friends and family were up to.
  7. Searched for golf courses online and booked tee times on golfnow.com.
  8. Took photos throughout the week.
  9. Made movies of our hike in the Dupont Forest where Hunger Games was filmed.
  10. Searched for and made restaurant reservations on Open Table. Favorite restaurant...The Admiral.
  11. Checked out historical sites & bought tickets for the Biltmore Estate. A must see!
  12. Read and sent email so we didn't get too far behind at the office.
  13. Checked our bank account, paid bills, and even processed a credit card payment.
  14. Googled things to do each day.
  15. Read articles from our favorite magazines—Fast Co., New York, Vanity Fair.
  16. Mapped out our plan to visit the River Arts District.
  17. Brought our mobile speakers and played music in our room.

What does this have to do with marketing? When you understand who your target audience is, what their habits are, and how they use technology, you can create a plan and use online & social media to reach them. Simple as that.