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The Difference between Web Designer and Web Developer

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March 22, 2007

The line between Web design and Web development can be a little fuzzy, but generally here is how the responsibilities usually differ.

A Web site designer is responsible for creating and placing visual elements on a page to create a graphic look that reflects the company’s overall branding image and message. This is often called the “look and feel,” and should be consistent with the company’s printed materials. The Web designer is responsible for this consistency and ensures the Website complements the company’s overall marketing theme and spirit.

A Web site developer breathes interactivity into the design so that it functions efficiently on the Web. The developer translates the design into HTML, JavaScript, Active Server Pages, and other coding languages. The developer implements the design for maximum availability on the Web, so the site delivers its message without being encumbered by slow load times or other Internet-related quirks.

Some aspects of a Website require close collaboration between designer and developer. The designer creates the look of a navigation system and the “white space” where content goes. The developer ensures that space can accommodate dynamic content and other contingencies. A developer also must ensure that the navigation complements the site architecture. If search engine rankings are important to the company, the designer and developer must work together to create pages that are attractive to Web surfers and search engines alike.

A designer creates the heart of a Website, a developer, the soul. Each aspect is critical to the successful life of the site.

By Joanna Cali—Web Developer and Search Engine Placement Strategist. Joanna specializes in Internet marketing and developing award-winning Web sites for optimal rankings in search engines. Joanna is a graduate of Georgetown University and has been in the print and web marketing fields since 1987.